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This is a Vibrance Associates, LLC, web site. We are headquartered in Bowie, Maryland, USA. The web site directors of our company are Myron Murdock, MD, a urological practitioner, surgeon and medical clinical trials authority and Stan Felder, a founder and president of Vibrance Associates. He is a long-time journalist, editor, writer and educator. The Vibrance sites are, ,,, and member site and partner site .

The Vibrance sites are members of the Health on the Network (HON) and we urge all visitors to review their guidelines and the principals we proudly adhere to. Our vision and mission are to present timely, accurate, useful education and information in the areas of male and female sexual function, menopause, prostate health, gynecological issues, male and female incontinenceLoss of bladder and/or bowel control. and male fertility to empower the visitor with information. We do not diagnose nor prescribe. We make every effort to inform and educate,powerful tools for empowering those who visit our sites. Our information is written by or reviewed by clearly identified medical and health care professionals. All advertising is clearly labeled advertising, as provided for in the HON code. We provide financial disclosure of our authors as provided by traditional AMA standards.

Some pages are supported by clearly labeled non-restricted use educational grants and others by clearly labeled advertising. Advertisement on the sites does not imply endorsement of the advertised product, company or service by the principals or any of the professionals listed on site. We follow strict privacy guidelines. We provide information, not diagnose any one condition and consistently urge all site visitors to follow the advise of their health care givers. Please view our disclaimers and further use of the sites imply you have read and understand them.

Site information is often provided by a our medical and educational expert site directors. Dr. Andrew Goldstein of Johns Hopkins, an author, educator and practitioner, is medical director of our gynecological web site.Dr. Michael Kyrchman,gynecologist, author and educator, is the co-medical director of our ourgyn site. Dr. Marianne Brandon, a diplomate of Sex Therapy and author, is director of our clearmindsbettersex site. Dr. Murdock is an educator, urological surgeon, and clinical trials Principal Investigator. Karen Giblin is an educator and heads the nearly quarter million large RedHotMamas national educational program. Please see ou About Us page to learn more.

Please see our disclaimer and terms of use and your you implies you have. Remember, these sites are for educational use only and do not replace your health care provider(s).

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