• The Science of Orgasm: A Complete Guide to Understanding Orgasms

    A Special Book Excerpt! The Science of Orgasm, by Drs. Barry R. Komisaruk, Carlos Beyer-Flores & Beverly Whipple, author of The Read More
  • The Quest for the 'Perfect' Vagina

    Added to the ObGyn's responsibility for managing patients sexual health is the emerging concept of sexual enhancement surgery, which includes Read More
  • Hands off! Men, Women, Breasts and Happiness; A Shock to Men and a Major ‘Right On’ for Women

    Want to have a happier relationship? Here’s a tip for straight men in the middle of long term relationships: Take Read More
  • Major articles from the American Urological Association annual 2011-2012 meeting.

    HOSPITAL DISCHARGES INDICATE MORE MEN MAY REQUIRE SURGERY FOR BPH Rising numbers of acute renal failure cases in BPH patients Read More
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